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Cassareccio Bread a very popular Roman artisinal bread

My Cookbook is now, FREE!
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Some chapter of the free book were missimg whole Chapters so below are individual chapters.

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About Steven Salkow

Welcome Friends

Cooking Philosophy

Seek your best version of whatever you are cooking. If it is a carrot dish, remember who the star is, if you obscure the carrot's flavor, then you have defeated your purpose. Something that has a delicate flavor should be treated delicately. Over powering a dish with excessive spices is not only disrespectful but deprives the dish of its honesty. The first thing that comes to mind when I ponder about Roman food is it abidingly honesty. My dishes are derived by the freshest and finest of ingredients that are prepared with the love and affection of a generous cook.

We build our great cuisine from the work of the master's that came before us. This is how we honor cuisine and the wonderful chefs that paved the way. Learning cuisines from around the world will help you perfect your own cooking no matter what the cuisine's nationality.

On this page, you will find links to my Blog, Yelp reviews, wine , and dining pages. Right now, I am in between offering Cooking Classes.

Ramen should look as good as it tastes

My Cookbook

I have a cookbook that I think is outstanding. I have spent a lifetime learning how to eat well and prepare at home a diversity of food from the world's top cuisines. The phrase "variety is the spice of life" may as well be a way of life, at least in the kitchen and on the table. When I consider something to eat, it has to be the best I can make. Fresh ingredients, harmonious flavors, a pleasing appearance are all factors that promote good living and good food.

My cookbook is about food, nutrition, safety, origin of ingredients, cultural implications, where the recipe came from, what and whys that might be special. This book has been a collaborative effort spanning two life times. My mother's cuisine is strongly represented, as she was a prime mover and an exceptional cook. I have also preserved some great dishes that were wonderful from restaurants, bistros, café, or osterias. Many others came from friends who happened to be great chefs. My first love was for Roman cuisine, having lived in Italy for seven years. However, I have always had a love for food from all over the world. You will find my favorite Italian, Spanish, American, Mexican, Chinese, and Thai recipes. You find appetizers to tantalize as well as desserts to temp your every taste. If you bake bread, you have information that will promote quick successes. I have never eaten anywhere that prepares a better turkey dinner than the one to be found in this book. Turkey dinner is a wonderful amalgam of my mother and my recipes. You will find this a great cookbook that I know you will come to treasure.

Look at my blog, you will quickly get a feel for the diversity of my cooking.

Paella - How much fun is that!
Paella - How much fun is that!
Look at my blog . This will
give you an idea about the contents of my books.

My recipes are still evolving so my blog will keep you updated on what I am cooking now!

Having Fun in the Kitchen
Having Fun in the Kitchen - Yes, always!
Author of a international cookbook "Generations of Passionate Home Cooking". I have lived in Italy, California, Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan. Good food is often simple, full of honest flavors, and often easy to prepare. The best cooks are both passionate and generous in their cooking.


The Passionate Home Cook